Commercial Sealcoating Services

Here at Sanatoga Sealcoating, we go the extra mile in making sure your sealcoating needs are carried out in the most professional manner.  Whether it’s for commercial or residential properties, we know what it takes to offer you the best pavement maintenance available in all of Pennsylvania.  See Below for the commercial services we offer.



A proper sealcoat doesn’t just make your asphalt surface look pristine, it also plays a huge role in protecting it from cracking or being damaged.  A proper sealcoat can make or break the lifespan of your asphalt, for instance, a periodic sealcoat can help your asphalt last 6-10 times longer!  With that being said, not all sealants are the same, just like any other products, sealants vary largely in quality.  That’s why we at Sanatoga Sealcoating make sure you’re equipped with the best with whatever job you approach us with!

Hot Rubber Crack Sealing

When your asphalt surface starts to crack, it’s a big indicator that a hot rubber crack sealing is due.  Like the absence of standard sealcoating, cracks within your asphalt surface can be detrimental to its future.  Our industrial grade hot rubber crack sealer is applied to the cracks which last all year long to prevent your chances of potholes and other degradation due to water penetration.

Pavement Marking

If you’re a commercial property owner, professional pavement marking really sets off the look of your asphalt!  We currently offer stencils, curb painting, arrows, numbering, line striping, and ADA compliant handicap requirements are always standard services.  Inquire about our professional pavement markings included with every free estimate today!

Hot Asphalt Repair

Sometimes there’s instances where crack sealing and sealcoating aren’t able to do the job in fixing your asphalt.  For example, severe cracks and potholes are among the few instances where alternative solutions are needed to prevent further issues.  In this situation we offer hot asphalt cut-out repairs, hot asphalt overlays, cold patching, and infrared repairs available at participating locations.


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