Hot Tarring

Call Sanatoga Sealcoating  For a quick, temporary fix for any type of pothole or crack in your asphalt, we provide patching with hot tar. Services include hot tarring the damaged area and filling in the hole or cracks to keep your parking lot or public area safe until final milling is available to be done.





Maintaining a paving project – whether it’s a parking lot, a sidewalk, a driveway or a road – begins with some type of a solid foundation. You need a top-notch company to do the job right the first time its done. We check for potential problems & ensure that the resulting pavement will withstand the tests of time as well as weather & traffic.


Maintenance on such projects is often more often a  preventative measure than catastrophic, & when problems do arise, a good paving company like Sanatoga can;


  • pinpoint issues readily
  • fix them efficiently & affordably.



Construction’s paving & Tar maintenance expertise includes:



  • Tar repairs of potholes, drainage issues and reclamation/removal
  • Tar and concrete repairs due to age, water infiltration or neglect
  • Speed Humps
  • Failed sub-base repairs and restoration of parking lots, streets, driveways and cul-de-sacs
  • Water and sewer main repairs
  • Crack routing and cleaning
  • Hot pour crack filling
  • Catch basin repairs


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