Our Residential Services

Over the years, we at Sanatoga Sealcoating have built our name by making sure all of our customers get service that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.  With every task at hand, we offer the most insightful and professional employees to help make your experience far beyond your expectations.  With years of experience in dealing with residential work, we cater to our customers however we can.  We work one-on-one with all of our clients to ensure that you get something that’s appropriate for your situation, suits your preference, and coincides with the budget you’re looking to stay within.  We don’t just want you as a customer; we want you as a customer for life!  Nothing satisfies us quite like gaining you as a loyal customer!

A Fresh Coat Does Wonders!

Our mission here at Sanatoga Sealcoating is beyond just doing our job; we want to make sure our service directly exceeds your standards.  Nothing does wonders to your driveway quite like a fresh sealcoat.  Not only does it look outstanding, but it plays a major role in the longevity of your driveway.  Due to weathering and water penetration, Mother Nature can take its toll on your beloved driveway, so taking action before damage is done is the best route to take.  Between our combined years of experience and the use of some of the highest grade sealants available, we have the plan of action to help keep your driveway as pristine as possible.  Don’t settle for just any run of the mill sealcoat job, when you can get some of the most experienced professionals to take care of you at price point that’s more than reasonable!


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